Community Council meeting and progress update

Last night, 28th June, saw the latest Raigmore Community Council meeting take place, with a construction update provided on the Raigmore Active Travel Link. If you would like to listen back, a recording of the meeting can be accessed via the following link: Access Passcode: jL1d+$W7 An update summary During the meeting, the PatContinue reading “Community Council meeting and progress update”

Sheet piling at Raigmore Active Travel Link completed

Over the past two weeks, the installation of sheet piling has been taking place on-site. This was the most disruptive phase of the works so we would like to thank Raigmore residents and those affected for their patience. What’s next? Now that sheet piling has been installed, the next step is phase two of earthworks,Continue reading “Sheet piling at Raigmore Active Travel Link completed”

Sheet piling progress update

Last week saw the start of the sheet piling phase of construction for the Raigmore Active Travel Link. This phase is the most disruptive phase of the works and has caused some noise and vibrations for which we apologise. This phase is expected to be completed by 18th June. Throughout this period and until workContinue reading “Sheet piling progress update”

Sheet piling work commences

As of today, 7th June, the sheet piling phase of construction is in progress. This will take around two weeks to complete and is likely to be the most disruptive phase of construction. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Footpath management As part of the sheet piling work, it is necessary to introduceContinue reading “Sheet piling work commences”

Construction moves into next phase

Construction of the Raigmore Active Travel Link is now well underway with the next phase of construction, sheet piling, set to begin on 7th June. As part of the Inverness City Active Travel Network (ICATN), the Raigmore Active Travel Link will consist of a link to encourage walking, wheeling and cycling from the existing GoldenContinue reading “Construction moves into next phase”

Recruitment completed in Raigmore

You may recall a recent blog post advertising two job opportunities available for Raigmore residents during the construction of the Raigmore Active Travel Link. We are pleased to report that both these positions have now been filled. Two Raigmore residents are now working as a gateperson and a cleaner on-site until the completion of theContinue reading “Recruitment completed in Raigmore”

Earthworks and traffic on-site

This week the team from Pat Munro is busy excavating earth and forming a piling platform to ready the site for construction of the Raigmore Active Travel Link. Earth is being excavated and removed from site before materials for the construction are brought in. This will result in some increased traffic through Raigmore estate forContinue reading “Earthworks and traffic on-site”

Follow up from Raigmore Community Council Meeting

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the Raigmore Community Council Meeting, which was held online on 28th April. The Raigmore Active Travel Link was the single agenda item, and it was a great opportunity to provide details, share visuals of the project and take questions from residents. The meeting was recorded,Continue reading “Follow up from Raigmore Community Council Meeting”

Temporary job opportunities

As part of Pat Munro’s work to construct the Raigmore Active Travel Link, we are looking to recruit members of the Raigmore community for two temporary positions. Please see the advert below for full details. Those interested in applying for either position should contact Mark Smith on or 07889 225826.

Footpath and lane closures

To allow work on the Raigmore Active Travel Link to be carried out, some footpath and lane closures will be in place. Footpath closure The footpath leading from the Raigmore Interchange to Raigmore Estate at the end of MacKintosh Road will be closed from 4th May for the duration of the works, which are dueContinue reading “Footpath and lane closures”