Raigmore Active Travel Link is open!

We are delighted to confirm that the Raigmore Active Travel Link is now open.

The Raigmore Active Travel Link aims to encourage walking, wheeling and cycling from the existing Golden Bridge to the Raigmore Interchange. The route allows access from the Raigmore Interchange to Inverness Campus and onwards to Inverness Shopping Park, removing the need for those walking, wheeling or cycling to cross busy roads.

The link consists of a ‘Z’ type layout to provide a gentler incline and is four metres wide to allow easy access to pedestrians, cyclists, wheelers and mobility scooters. Links are also provided via steps to the existing ramped path within the site.

The route is supported by sheet piles clad in hardwood; in keeping with material used at the adjacent Inverness Campus. Street furniture, including benches, can be found on the link, as well as path lighting and active travel link signage.

Landscaping work on the Raigmore Active Travel Link will continue over the coming weeks.

The Raigmore Active Travel Link team, which includes contractors Pat Munro, would like to express its thanks to the residents of Raigmore estate, and anyone inconvenienced by the works, for their ongoing patience and understanding during construction, especially during delays caused by supply chain issues.

An official opening of the Raigmore Active Travel Link will take place in the next few weeks. Details of the opening will be posted on this website.

Get in touch

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with the team via email or phone on raigmoreatl@whalelikefish.co.uk or 01463 830 390.