Construction update

The Raigmore Active Travel Link is now in the final phase of construction, with the delivery of outstanding materials coming next week. It is hoped that the Active Travel Link will open to the public shortly after this.

We apologise, once again, for the delays and any inconvenience these may have caused. Unfortunately, these have been unavoidable and caused by supply chain issues.

What’s been happening?

Handrail and guardrail installation has continued when possible as materials arrive on site. Landscaping work is also ongoing.

What’s happening next?

With the final delivery of materials, the handrails and guardrails will be completed.

Landscaping work will continue, the final section of fencing surrounding the site will be completed and the site entrance will be tidied and returned to its previous condition.

Community Council meeting

The next Raigmore Community Council meeting will take place via Zoom on Monday 31st January at 7pm, where an update on the Raigmore Active Travel Link will be provided by the team.

Those wishing to attend the meeting can do so using the following link and passcode:

Meeting ID: 926 8976 8594

Passcode: 366272

Get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with the team on site or via email or phone on or 01463 830 390.