Construction update

The majority of work on the Raigmore Active Travel Link has now been completed. There is still some outstanding work to be completed on handrails and guardrails, due to delays caused by supply issues. It is hoped that all work will be completed by Christmas.

What’s been happening?

Office and welfare cabins have now been removed from site and work has been continuing on verging, as well as on the installation of guardrails and handrails. Bench, bollards and signpost installation has also commenced.

What’s happening next?

Landscaping work will continue this week, as will guardrail and handrail installation. The compound area around the site will be reinstated and any damage caused by gaining access to the site will be repaired.

The footpath will also be cleaned ready for the final layer of surfacing, which is due to be laid in the run-up to the Christmas holidays.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with the team on site or via email or phone on or 01463 830 390.