Construction update

The Pat Munro team provided an update on construction at this month’s Raigmore Community Council meeting. Taking place on Zoom on Monday 27th September, a new timeline for the completion of works was also given.

Work completed

Work completed since the last Raigmore Community Council meeting includes timber cladding rails on sheet piles, verging works, drainage works and the completion of one set of steps, with work on the second and third set nearing completion.

A bat survey has also been completed before the felling of dead and diseased trees surrounding the site can be completed. The survey confirmed that there are no bats and dates for the felling of these trees will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

New timeline

The Pat Munro team will continue with what works they can for the next three weeks. This will include installing handrails and guardrails and carrying out surfacing works. Once complete, around mid-October, the team will leave the site until the remaining materials are delivered. The site will be secured and will be checked daily.

Having now been given estimated dates for the delivery of street furniture and wooden cladding from suppliers, it is hoped work can recommence in early/mid-November and will take approximately two to three weeks to complete.

The projected finish date for the Raigmore Active Travel Link is now 24th November 2021.

Listen back to the Community Council meeting

You can listen back to Monday’s Community Council meeting using the link and passcode below. The Raigmore Active Travel Link was the first point on the agenda.

Access passcode: m+Q7$Dv&

Stay in touch

The team will be always contactable, even when off site, so please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. You can do this via email or phone on or 01463 830 390.

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