Construction update

Construction of the Raigmore Active Travel Link continues to progress well with all work on the concrete capping beams now completed. Some temporary support structures have also been removed and taken away from the site.

What’s next?

This week, brackets will be welded to the sheet piles ready to hold the timber cladding that will be fixed to them in due course.

The focus for the next couple of weeks will be continuing the drainage works and lorries will be required to bring in drainage stone as part of that work. Handrail and guardrail foundations will also continue which will require concrete wagons to deliver concrete to site periodically.

Raigmore Community Council meeting 26th July

The site team from Pat Munro participated in the Raigmore Community Council meeting last night. Mark Smith, Contracts Manager, gave an update to the Community Council and members of the public attending the meeting via Zoom.

Issues raised included the speed of vehicles travelling to and from the site. The Pat Munro team confirmed that all drivers, including supply chain drivers, had been reminded of the speed limit throughout the estate. If issues continue, please get in touch using the contact details below. If you are able to get licence plate numbers for the vehicles, this will help in identifying those involved.

The Pat Munro team also thanked the Raigmore community for notifying the police when an intruder broke into the site. Their swift action meant there was minimal damage caused.

You can listen back to the Community Council meeting here:

Access passcode: &8uTbGfP

Any questions or concerns?

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

If you would like to speak with someone on-site, please wait at the site entrance where a member of the team will meet you. Or you can contact the team via email or phone on or 01463 830 390.