Follow up from Raigmore Community Council Meeting

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the Raigmore Community Council Meeting, which was held online on 28th April. The Raigmore Active Travel Link was the single agenda item, and it was a great opportunity to provide details, share visuals of the project and take questions from residents.

The meeting was recorded, so for anybody who was unable to attend, the meeting can be viewed via this link:–rHr

Access Passcode: S#e3zsG2

Here is a summary of the main issues that were discussed and further information relating to these matters.


The Raigmore Active Travel Link will have significant landscaping which will see more than 4,000 shrubs and 465 trees of various sizes planted in the woodland and on embankment slopes.

In terms of the species of trees being planted, we can confirm that heritage trees, including sessile oak, birch and beech will be used.

Noise monitoring

The Highland Council’s planning department has set limits on construction noise and vibration. These limits are imposed to reduce nuisance to the public and potential damage to property. Pat Munro will use specialist equipment to monitor both noise and vibration to confirm that they remain within allowable limits.

Post completion of the Raigmore Active Travel Link, the increase in road traffic noise will be minimal and would not exceed the threshold which would require mitigation works. Once the replacement planting is established this will again provide a screen between the housing and the A9 Trunk Road.

Working hours on site

Work is permitted to be carried out between the hours of 08:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday and between 08:00 and 13:00 on Saturday but we anticipate working 08:00 until 17:00 for the most part, Monday to Friday. Certain activities may require us to work until 19.00. No work will be carried out on Sundays.

Raigmore Active Travel Link and the wider Inverness City Active Travel Network (ICATN)

The Raigmore Active Travel Link is part of the Inverness City Active Travel Network (ICATN). It is being constructed alongside and adjacent to the A9 northbound at the slip road towards Inverness city centre and will link the Raigmore Estate and existing Golden Bridge to the Raigmore Interchange. The route will allow access to Inverness Shopping Park and onto Culloden from the Raigmore Interchange via Inverness Campus, removing the need for those walking, wheeling or cycling to cross busy roads.

The Inverness City Active Travel Network is providing active travel improvements in the following locations, helping to improve the connections across the city:

  • Smithton bridge (completed)
  • Raigmore Interchange (in partnership with Transport Scotland)
  • Raigmore Active Travel Link
  • Millburn Corridor
  • Riverside Way (linking the city centre to the West Link and canal along Bught Road and Ness Walk)

These phases are at different design stages, and each will involve consultation as designs develop. Several of these locations were trialled to enable social distancing, using specific Covid-19 funding through Sustrans and Transport Scotland.

Team now on site

The team from Pat Munro is now on-site and there is a site office in place. Project Manager Mark Smith is happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.